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Coinpressions Terms and Conditions


The following Terms and Conditions control your membership in the Coinpressions program. You agree that you have read and understood this Agreement ("Agreement") and that your membership in the Coinpressions program (the "Program") shall be subject to the following Terms and Conditions between you (the "Member") and Coinpressions. These Terms and Conditions may be modified at any time by Coinpressions. Please review them from time to time since your ongoing use is subject to the terms and conditions as modified. Your continued participation in Coinpressions after such modification shall be deemed to be your acceptance of any such modification. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, please do not register to become a member of Coinpressions.


Terms of Participation

1. Member must be 18 years of age or older to participate.

2. Members join solely on their own risk.

3. Members must provide Coinpressions with accurate, complete and updated registration information, including an accurate name, mailing address and email address.

4. Coinpressions has 2 types of members, which are Free Members and Pro Members. Free Members receive complimentary Advertising Credits. Pro Members receive advertising credits when their subscription payment is paid. Additionally, Pro Members have the opportunity to earn matrix pay, and referral bonus pay.

5. To the full extent allowed by applicable law, Coinpressions at its sole discretion and for any or no reason may refuse to accept applications for membership.

6. Members may not (i) activate or use more than one Member account; (ii) select or use an Email Address of another person; (iii) use a name subject to rights of another person without authorization from that person; (iv) use a false or misleading name, mailing address, or email address to activate or use a Member account.

7. By signing up for the Coinpressions program and confirming their email address, Member is opting-in to receive emails from Coinpressions. You are also opting in to receive emails from your Direct Sponsor. If you do not wish to receive these emails, you may cancel your account anytime, with the understanding that you forfeit and unpaid commissions and unused advertising credits.

8. Coinpressions reserves the right to track and record Member's IP Address in case of fraud.

9. Coinpressions has the right, in its sole discretion, to suspend or cancel a Member's membership in and access to the Coinpressions Website and the Coinpressions program. If a cancellation is executed by the company and fraud was not involved the member will be paid any unpaid funds from their Cast Wallet, and the Member may be referred to appropriate law enforcement agencies if such action is deemed warranted by Coinpressions. It is not our policy to suspend or cancel memberships without cause, but we reserve the right to determine what violates our company standards and vision and take the appropriate actions.

10. Member agrees not to abuse his or her membership privileges by acting in a manner inconsistent with this Agreement. Member agrees not to participate in any fraudulent behavior of any kind.

11. Coinpressions shall be the sole determiner in cases of suspected abuse, fraud, or violation of its rules. Any decision Coinpressions makes relating to the cancellation of Earnings and the termination of membership shall be final and binding.

12. Member agrees not to use any guaranteed downline building service in order to inflate their referrals. Many of these services provide what turns out to be useless members and wasted bandwidth.

13. Member's discontinued participation in the Coinpressions program or failure to notify Coinpressions of any address (mailing or email) changes may result in the termination of Member's membership and forfeiture of Member's unredeemed Earnings and unused advertising credits.

14. The member shall comply with all laws, rules, and regulations that are applicable to Member. Member acknowledges that Member may only participate in the Coinpressions program if and to the extent that such participation is permitted by such laws, rules, and regulations.

15. Minimum Purchase Requirement in Coinpressions is $10.00 per subscription. The Member receives 10,000 advertising credits with each subscription purchase.

16. Member understands that there is a processing fee of $3.00 processing fee for all outgoing withdrawals from the Coinpressions Program. The first $10.00 of each billing cycle is accrued and locked from withdrawal for the next subscription payment. The minimum withdrawal from Coinpressions is $10. Earnings are paid back to via Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum or Payza. We reserve the right to pay your earnings in an alternative method should the need arise.

17. Member understands that the earnings and bonuses on advertising purchases and are not guaranteed in any way.

18. Coinpressions is not an investment opportunity, we do not sell stocks, or bonds, or any other security. Our members earn income based on the sale of advertising credits. There is no guarantee of how long it takes to earn income, this is completely based on the effort of you, your team and your sponsor’s team.

19. Member acknowledges that they have read all terms and other information throughout the site and are in complete agreement with all terms and conditions however stated throughout this site.

20. Earnings disclaimer: No income or commission is guaranteed in any way. This is not an investment opportunity - we DON'T sell any securities, stocks, bonds, shares or any other form of financial instruments. This is not a revenue or profit share nor is it any other type of fraudulent scheme. Check local laws before you join. This website is void where prohibited.

21. FRAUD - Any member found committing fraud will lose their account and all funds in it.

22. If member objects to any of the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement, or any subsequent modifications to this agreement, or becomes dissatisfied with the Program, Member's only recourse is to immediately discontinue participation in the Coinpressions program and properly terminate his or her membership.

23. Coinpressions is not responsible for user inputted wallet addresses. If your withdrawal is sent to the address you entered the transaction is final. If the address is incorrect, Coinpressions cannot be held liable for the amount withdrawn and no fees will be refunded. So please ensure the correct wallet address is used.



Spamming is strictly prohibited. Any spamming done to advertise Coinpressions will result in immediate termination of your account and a forfeiture of your account balance. Incidents will be dealt with on a case by case basis.


Privacy Policy:

We do not sell or share your email with anyone else. Your direct sponsor is the only person who has access to your contact information.


Refund Policy: Member understands that there are no refunds. Members receive advertising credits for their purchases. There are no refunds even if the advertising credits remain unused or are not completely delivered by Coinpressions. Member’s purchases contribute to earnings, which are dispersed to members through 10 levels of the matrix as well as the referral bonus program, which means, commissions are paid at the time of a purchase. Hence, the no refund policy even if advertising credits are not used.